Ensuring safety for consumers

If you are in a business that handles food, then you should already be aware that you need to comply with certain safety standards regarding the handling of that food. The standards have been adopted by many countries around the globe and in Australia, HACCP is responsible for enforcing those standards. They do this through a certification scheme. This certification scheme not only looks at the providers of food but at the businesses that provide them with their goods and services. While compliance is voluntary, it is an important step in preserving food safety because it ensures that your service providers are following the same high customer-safety standards that you are employing at your own business.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and is a working group that was established in 1995 to help standardise regulations regarding food safety. Part of those regulations focused on pest management, and the Pest Management Standard continues to help govern food safety in Australia. Companies who choose to comply with the standard are subject to audits by HACCP Australia. HACCP has been auditing pest management organisations for compliance with food industry requirements for more than a decade. Only organisations that meet their standards during their audits are offered certification. Businesses also have to include an internal audit process in order to be certified. Using certified businesses may not be required, but it can help improve customer safety, ensure food safety, and help businesses with their own compliance and audits.

Flick will help you through the process!

At Flick, we understand that compliance with the best practices established by HACCP is important to our customers as well as being an important part of food safety. It is not enough to prevent pests in commercial kitchens and other food prep areas; it has to be done in a way that is safe for consumers and does not introduce toxins to the food prep environment. That is why we not only voluntarily comply with their regulations, but also pride ourselves on being industry leaders for our customers in the hospitality area. We offer safe, reliable pest-control solutions that keep your food products safe for your customers while keeping your business free from unwanted pests. To find out more about how we can help your company comply with HACCP guidelines, contact us today.

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