If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us any lasting lessons, it is that our standard hygiene methods were no match for a super-virus. Even the cleanest looking commercial offices have areas that are germ hotspots, which require extra attention during the cleaning process and heightened hygiene efforts after coming into contact with them. By learning where these hotspots are, you can take steps to increase sanitation and boost employee awareness.


Any high touch areas are likely to be germ hotspots and doorknobs are one of the biggest offenders. People have to touch doorknobs, door handles, and push or pull plates in order to get in and out of your building, enter into restrooms, and sometimes head into offices. They are the most-touched surfaces in most commercial buildings, and people are likely to touch them with dirty hands. The solution? While it is not practical to install a sink by every door, you can install hand sanitiser dispensers just inside of entry doors. Make sure bathrooms are fully stocked with soap and disposable paper towels and let Flick automate them for more efficient functioning.

Light Switches

Another high-touch area is light switches. They are less of a problem in commercial offices than they are in homes because lights are generally not turned off and on through the day. Regularly wiping them down with sanitising cleaners should be sufficient, but if you have switches people are regularly using, place a hand sanitiser dispenser nearby.

Kitchens/ Break Rooms

If your office has a break room, it is a germ hotspot. Kitchens are full of high-touch surfaces like the buttons on microwaves and the handles on doors. People are also eating and breathing in them, spreading germs everywhere. Ideally, your commercial kitchen has a sink in it, and setting it up so that it can be used as a handwashing station can help prevent the spread of germs. You also want to make sure the kitchen and all of its high-touch surfaces are on a regular cleaning schedule.


With mouths near them and hands on them, it is no wonder that phones are some of the germiest items in a commercial office. Regularly wipe phones down with sanitising wipes, especially if multiple people use them.
Office hygiene is important to keep your employees happy and healthy. While you cannot eliminate germ hotspots, you can make sure that everyone in your office has the tools to combat the germs lurking in them!
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