Prepare for the Rodents

Autumn has officially kicked in and rodents are becoming increasingly active. There are certain climates that rodents enjoy and this season means trouble.

Rodents are creatures of habit. They use the same paths or runways between harbourages and food or water. If your office or warehouse has previously experienced a rodent infestation, regardless of whether it was serious or not, it is prudent to arrange another rodent inspection.

As the weather continues to cool, rodents attempt to escape the cold from outside and into the warmer interiors of your office or warehouse.

Identify the Possible Runways Near You 

Rodent runways that are situated outside are usually 2-3 inches wide. They appear to be smooth, hard packed trails under vegetation.

Interior runways are usually found along walls and the surfaces may be darkened from the rodent’s oily fur.

Undisturbed cobwebs or dust indicate that the runways are not in use.

Signs of Rodents:

  • Teeth marks on food, building materials, wire, and edges of beams are indications of rodent gnawing. 
  • Rodents gnaw continuously, in order to keep their teeth short and sharp. They do so to either obtain entry to the premises or to gather food.
  • The sighting of live rats is a sure sign of infestation. Sightings in daylight usually indicate that there is a large infestation.
  • Damage to foods and food products on a huge scale can result where rodents and food exist together. Droppings, urine discolouring, odours, fur and dead rodents are all indications of rodent infestation in food.

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