With an abundance of pest information on the internet, it’s becoming harder to know who to trust. To clear up any confusion, we’ve debunked six pest myths.

1. Pests are only attracted to dirty homes – False.

Even a clean home can have pest problems.  All pests, including cockroaches, ants, and rodents, require three basic needs: food, water, and shelter.  Your home can provide all these needs regardless of how clean your home is. For pests like termites, they’re interested in the timber structure and components of your home – so tidiness is not a concern for them.

2. I can use cheese as mice/rat bait – False.

While mice and rats are attracted to most foods (cheese included), cheese is not a preferred food source.  They often prefer nuts, seeds and even nesting material like cotton wool.

3. Bed bugs are found only in hotels and motels – False.

While you can find them in hotels, motels, and other accommodation, bed bugs are infamous hitchhikers, catching a ride on your luggage; that is how they enter your home. Inside the home, you can find bed bugs in the seams of your mattress, in bedside tables, alarm clocks, and other dark hiding places found around the bedroom. However, their hiding spots are not limited to bedrooms as they are often found in family rooms and other areas.

4. Natural oils are an effective pest control measure – False.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of natural oils as pest repellents, but natural oils are only short-term pest solutions. Professional pest control takes into account the species of pest, their habits, and habitat. Our products and methodologies are applied by professionally trained technicians who specifically target the pest without impacting your family or pets.

5. Termites can’t attack brick homes – False.

Despite being known as a timber pest, termites attack timber in brick homes. Even the smallest amount of timber will attract termites. Termites can even enter your home through cracks and expansion joints in concrete slabs. Flick Anticimex offers the best in termite protection and termite building solutions.

6. Supermarket pest sprays can get rid of my pest problem – It depends…

Like natural oils, supermarket pest sprays can be effective for targeted, short-term pest problems. Without pest control knowledge, sprays will not likely be applied to the right areas – and certainly not in the correct quantities to be effective – especially when the problem gets out of hand. In fact, putting the spray in the wrong place can adversely affect the health of your family. We recommend calling in the professionals. Our technicians have undergone extensive training, have the right products and equipment, workshops and regularly keep their pest knowledge up-to-date so that we can deliver effective pest management.

If you have any other pest myths that need debunking, feel free to ask us in the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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