The arrival of warm weather means lots of things like days full of sunshine and outdoor activities. Unfortunately, it also means the arrival of spider season in Dubbo. We see more and more spiders as the weather gets warmer. More spiders mean more spider bites.

Not all spider bites are high-risk. Some spider bites may cause local itching and a small bump. Other spider bites have the potential of being deadly. The three most aggressive spiders in the Dubbo local area include funnel-webs, red-backs, and white-tail spiders. White tail spiders are also known as the white tip spider. There are two subspecies of white-tip spiders, the Lampona cylindrata and the Lampona murina.

If you are bitten by any of these aggressive spiders or by an unidentified spider species, the best thing to do is to get immediate medical care. While there has not been a fatal spider bite in Australia in over 40 years, that is not because spiders have become less dangerous, but because of the use of antivenom to treat spider bites.

You can take some steps to minimise your chances of being bitten. Even aggressive spiders tend to avoid humans. However, they do like to hide in tight, warm, dark spots. Shoes and gloves are some of their favorite species. Plus, keep in mind that some spiders can survive underwater, so you might encounter them in swimming pools or ponds. We suggest shaking out shoes, gloves, and clothing before wearing them, to dislodge any spiders that might be present. Do not put your hands into hidden, dark places without first inspecting them for spiders. If that is impossible, use protective gear like gloves and long-sleeved clothing to protect yourself.

Every home first-aid kit should have supplies to handle spider bites. For funnel-web bites, you need to use a pressure mobilisation bandage. The pressure can help keep the venom from spreading to other areas while you seek medical care. Call Triple Zero for funnel-web bites. For bites from other spiders, you can apply ice and watch for symptoms. Get medical help if you notice any symptoms beyond localised swelling, pain, or itching.

Of course, the best way to handle a spider bite in Dubbo is to avoid it in the first place. If you notice spiders around your home, contact Flick. We offer a variety of pest prevention solutions that can keep your home spider-free.

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