You’ve found bed bugs in your bedroom; how do you get rid of them?

Incidents of Bed Bugs are on the rise.

Since the banning of harmful DET chemicals, bed bugs have enjoyed a resurgence in the past thirty years, coming back from the brink of existence. Whilst we would normally commend any species that has managed to pull itself off the extinction list, we feel a little uneasy about this one. They’ve been able to return thanks to a few factors, most notably due to recently developed resistance to pesticides and ability to quickly reproduce, meaning that unless you kill all of them, they’re likely to return.

What can you do?

Most people often reach for a store-bought bug spray and begin spraying the little suckers. Whilst raining chemical death on the critters feels satisfying, it often leads to more problems, specifically the bed bugs fleeing the pesticide and moving to other areas of the house and infesting their. What started off as a problem in a mattress in the guest room has now spread to the couch in the living room, the arm chair in the nursery and every other crack and crevice in the house.

Calling in a professional is the best way to manage bed bugs.

A professional will treat bed bug with a multi prong approach. Using a combination of mechanical removal, chemical treatment and heat treatment. Only by using as multi prong approach to target all the bed bugs at once will ensure complete removal.

You can actually do the mechanical process yourself, as one of the most effective mechanical step is vacuuming. Bust out the old dust sucker to pick up the blood suckers. This helps remove any dead bed bugs, their eggs and any molts they’ve left behind, which can attract more bed bugs if left behind.  Once the mechanical process is complete we can come in and use either chemical treatment, heat treatment or a mixture of both, depending on the bed bugs and level of infestation. A professional treatment is the most likely to succeed, given the complexity of treating an infestation.

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