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Do you want a reliable and responsive pest control company? Then, you need to consider Flick for your commercial pest control needs. We are a great company with a proven track record in helping eradicate pests and preventing pest infestations in Australia.

We Harness Technology to Help You

Some pest control companies are stuck in the past. They use the same chemicals and traps that pest control companies have been using for decades. They are somewhat effective and can help reduce the number of pests you see.

However, the reality is that old school methods yield old school results. That is why Flick uses technology to help craft a targeted approach. We have monitoring systems that can help us determine where pests are present, so we can focus on those areas for eradication.

The result is that we catch pests before they can become infestations. You have a cleaner, more sanitary commercial space. Plus, our unobtrusive systems give your customers confidence.


Another problem with old school methods is that they were often unsafe for people. Sure, you can kill pests using certain chemicals and approaches, but is it safe for people? Flick takes a safety-first approach in our pest control. Our residential customers trust us to protect their families, pets, and homes. Our commercial customers can trust us to use the same care around their commercial facilities, employees, and customers.

By targeting pest control in affected areas, we limit the use of hazardous chemicals or traps. In fact, depending on the type of pest that is bothering you, we can often use a wholly non-toxic approach with local foods as bait. By working to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, we make it safe to use our pest control in food prep, food storage, or food sale areas.


While we pride ourselves on our safer approach, it would not mean much if we were not effective. Flick has perfected pest control. Our approach targets the pests on your premises and focuses on long-term deterrence. If our treatments do not deliver as promised, we come back and make it right.

What does that mean for you? It means that once you have hired Flick, you no longer have to worry about pest control. We are on the job and we will keep your workplace pest-free. So, contact us today to get started.

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