Have you been struggling with wasps in your yard? Have you noticed wasps in your house? If so, then you may have something in your home or yard that is attracting the wasps.

How To Keep Wasps Out of Your Home

If you are seeing wasps in your home, then they are probably getting through cracks, chinks, or vents. Some may fly through open doors or windows, but they are probably getting through small openings. You can help keep them out of your home by making sure you seal any of these cracks.

Just like other pollinators, wasps are attracted to bright flowers. If you have a butterfly or pollinator garden, it will attract wasps. That does not mean you have to pull out your pollinator garden, but you may want to plant them away from your doorways and home. That reduces the likelihood that wasps will make it into your home.

How To Discourage Wasps in Your Yard

Wasps also need water. If you have any water sources in your yard, they can attract wasps. Wasps are big fans of swimming pools. While you do not have to get rid of water features to discourage wasps, keep in mind that they will attract them.

Wasps are attracted to your food. They are known to fly into sweet drinks like soda and juice. They will also try to eat fruits and other sugary items, as well as proteins. So, if you are going to be eating outside, be aware of wasps. In addition, you want to make sure that trash cans are securely closed to discourage wasps.

Sometimes the features of your home can attract wasps. If your home has eaves or overhangs, they provide a good place for wasps to nest. Wasps also like weathering or decaying wood.

Preventing Wasps from Nesting

Wasps are not always a negative. Wasps are pollinators who kill other insects, so they are not always bad to have around your home. Wasps in your yard may not be a bad thing, especially if they are flying from other locations and not nesting nearby. The easiest way to prevent wasps from becoming a problem is to prevent them from nesting in your home and in your yard.

Flick can help you eliminate any existing wasp nests and come up with strategies to help you prevent them from building nests on your home. Contact us to find out more about our pest prevention programs. Through prevention and inspections, we can help you keep your yard and home free of these stinging pests!

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