Spiders are common and a great help to manage insect populations in Melbourne, including mosquitoes, cockroaches and flying termites but it is better to keep them away from home to avoid any accidental bite. They come out in the spring and the summer when the heat and humidity drive their populations. These seasons are also perfect for mating, so you are more likely to see them out and about looking for mates.

A large spider poised in the middle of the floor of a residence

While spiders in Melbourne can be dangerous, most of them are unlikely to bite. Spiders do not generally want to attack you. However, if you disturb them while they are hiding, you can get a very serious bite.

Symptoms of spider bites vary from species to species. However, they include pain, sweating, swelling, itching, nausea, vomiting, headache, and muscle weakness. You may experience localized or generalized pain. If you notice any of these symptoms after a spider bite, seek immediate emergency medical treatment.

How do the most common spiders in Melbourne look and where do they hide?

A redback spider weaving a web

Redback spiders like to live in a comfortable habitat like your home. You may find them in junk piles, sheds, and even toilets. They live in their webs that look like funnel spider webs but that extend all the way to the ground. Male redbacks are smaller and light brown, Females are darker brown or black, with orange or red markings. They both have hourglass markings on their undersides. Only the female is dangerous to humans, because the males’ fangs are not big enough to break human skin.

A Dangerous White Tailed Spider Pictured Against A White Background

White tailed spiders are gray to dark red with white spots on the tips of their abdomen. They like to hide in sheltered spots and often hide in towels, clothes, and bedding. These spiders generally have bites that are similar to bee stings. However, they can cause necrotic ulcers in some people.

South Australian Huntsman Spider Resting On The (yellow) Lid Of A Garbage Can

Huntsman spiders are larger spiders, so they can look very intimidating. You may find them in your home. They also like to hide in cars. They only bite when they are provoked. Plus, their bites are not considered dangerous, though they can cause pain and swelling.

Wolf Spider Hunting At Night

Wolf spiders like to hide in yard materials, though they can enter homes to avoid the cold. They run from trouble, rarely biting. Even when they do bite, their bites are relatively harmless. You may experience some local pain and itching.

A common Black House spider crawling on a concrete surface

Black house spiders are dark in color, though they are not quite black. The females are larger. While they are called house spiders, they usually live outside. They have lacy webs with funnel shaped entrances.  Their bites can cause swelling, pain, and even more severe symptoms.

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