Carpet beetles are flying pests. They hang out on flowers in the landscape. Adult carpet beetles eat things like seeds, plants, and flowers. They can fly into homes from your yard. They may also come into homes on cut flowers. So, it is not unusual for a carpet beetle to fly into your home. What causes carpet beetles to infest your home though?

For carpet beetles to procreate, they need a food source for their babies. Carpet beetle larvae feed on fabrics and hair, including animal hair, felt, fur, silk, wool, and even leather. While female carpet beetles will lay eggs inside or outside, they prefer to lay them where there is an abundant food source. So, if they get inside your house, they will often stay there to lay their eggs. Before you know it, you have a carpet beetle infestation.

Like other pests, carpet beetles can come in through tiny cracks and crevices. So, you want to block off entry points and secure any spaces around your windows and doors. However, they can also live inside your walls and chimneys. Plus, since they can come into your house on other objects, you may be unable to prevent all carpet beetles from entering.

Carpet beetles are such a common pest that some people may even consider it normal to have carpet beetles. In terms of danger, they are a pretty harmless pest to have. They will not hurt you, your children, or your pests. Plus, unlike destructive insects like termites or carpenter ants, they will not impact your home’s structural integrity. However, they can do a large amount of damage to your fabrics. For that reason, you do not just want to ignore an infestation. On the other hand, you do not want to take a scorched-earth approach to eradicate them since they will not damage you.

At Flick, we know that protecting your belongings is essential. Protecting your family and pets is even more critical. So, we may even suggest natural approaches to killing carpet beetles before going with pesticides. Diatomaceous earth can eradicate them in many cases. It is non-toxic and poses no danger to your children or pets.

If you do want our professional services, we are happy to come out and treat carpet beetles. We use safe pesticides to eradicate them, killing adult beetles and their larvae. Contact us today to set up an inspection.

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