Having outdoor plans and then seeing the rain start to fall can change your mood. While we usually think of rain ruining fun plans, sometimes it can also interfere with things you need to do around the house like pest control maintenance.

Rain has no impact on our indoor services. So, you do not have to reschedule any indoor pest treatments because of rain. However, you may wonder about outdoor treatments.

When we apply pest control, we are usually very close to the outside of the house. Most of those areas actually stay dry during light rain. So, the products do not get diluted when we apply them. We can get them in place and then they can get to work. The same is true for covered outdoor areas like pergolas, verandas, and covered porches.

For unprotected areas, such as fences, the spray will be washed away in the rain. In this case, we’ll only spray the dry areas and return another day to spray the wetter areas once they’re also dry.

It is important to mention that after the outdoor application is done the product dries very fast so even if it rains hours later the pest control product won’t get affected by the rain.

Why is it important to keep bugs under control during the rainy season?

Insects like mosquitoes get more active and breed when it’s wet. Small animals like ants, spiders or cockroaches will try to look for a shelter during the rainy season so it’s important to have a pest control plan before these animals find your home a good place to stay.

There are some things that you can do to minimize attracting bugs when rains:

  1. Check pests entry points
  2. Seal cracks and holes
  3. Keep your house clean
  4. Throw away the garbage
  5. Clean spills and crumbs
  6. Eliminate sources of standing water
  7. Schedule your pest control service with Flick

Australian pests like termites and ants will try to escape the moisture from their nests so this is a great time to apply the treatment directly to them. When the insects are out it makes it easier to spot certain types of insects and help us determine the extent of your insect problem and potential nesting sites, allowing us to make more targeted pest control applications.

Heavy rains means more pests trying to come inside so it’s important you keep up to date with your pest control services. Do not worry if you initially see more bugs after the pest control service, it just means the application has been effective. Of course, you should see fewer and fewer pests as the products continue to work and the population gets eradicated.

Let Flick take care of unwanted pests at your home. No matter the weather we get you protected all year long.

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