Prevention plays an important role in pest control. Our digital SMART pest control system can target pests that slip through the cracks, avoiding and preventing infestations before they occur. Ideally, you want to create a multi-layer system of defence in your food retail and production facility.

Food, water, and shelter are the three main sources that pests need to thrive. In food retailers and prodcuers, pests will normally be able to locate all three sources making it an ideal habitat.

However, knowing what specifically attracts different types of pests can help reduce the likelihood that they will enter your premises. For example, rats and mice are notoriously drawn to food supplies. However, they also like to nest near food sources. In a large facility, they will want to place their nests close to where accessible food is stored or processed. Thoroughly cleaning the facility after food preparation, at the end of the business day, and disposing of all waste properly can help reduce attraction for them. Our digital SMART system will continuously monitor pest activity, allowing us to respond to pest threats before a serious problem occurs.

Insects like cockroaches present a greater challenge from a pest control perspective because they do not need as much food or water as rodents and they shelter in places where it can be difficult to clean and sanitise, such as cracks, drains, sewers, and inside equipment and machinery. Our SMART digital system can target the movement of small pests and uses non-toxic pheromones to attract them to stations where they are captured.

Pests are attracted to the smell of food, so they are always going to try to invade food processing and retail organisations. Minimise their ability to enter your businesses by thoroughly sealing all cracks, crevices, open-drain covers, and other means of egress. Limit the appeal of your location by thoroughly cleaning any spills and at the end of processing or retail business each day, make sure there are no water leaks or open water sources for them and use our SMART digital system to monitor and target any pests that do get in the building.

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