Termite tubes are one of the easiest ways to tell if you have termites. These tubes, which seem to be made of mud or dust, may just seem like dirt and grime. Your instinct is probably to brush it away. However, if you spot a termite tube, the last thing you want to do is touch it. A termite tube means that you have or have had termites. If you disrupt their tubes, you will not eliminate the termites. You will, however, get them to migrate around your home, making it more difficult for pest control to find and eradicate them.

What is a termite tube?

Many types of termites live underground. To move around safely, they build tunnels known as termite tubes to move from underground to their above-ground food sources. These termite tubes are ingenious because they keep the colonies moist and protect the termites from predators.

In fact, the tubes work so well for termites that they actually create multiple types of tubes. They have tubes for working, exploring, dropping, and swarming.

How do I recognise a termite tube?

You might think that all termite tubes will look like tubes or straws. However, they are usually smaller than that. They may look just like muddy debris. However, if you look more closely at them, you will see that they are tube-shaped. You can also look at their components. These tubes are made of dirt, debris, and saliva. That gives them a very muddy-looking appearance.

What happens if I remove a termite tube?

It depends on the type of tube. If you touch an abandoned termite tube, nothing is going to happen. However, if you disturb a tube that the termites use, the termites will move into other parts of your home. So, by clearing away the tubes, you can actually make your termite problem much worse.

Fortunately, a pest control professional can handle your termites. Contact Flick and schedule a termite inspection. We will evaluate your termite problem and custom-tailor a plan to help you eliminate them.

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