Bait stations are an out-dated method for managing the population of rodents. These may have been the tried and tested solutions of their time, however, when the safety of your product and continued running of your food production company hangs in the balance of the presence of a single rodent, this old and fault-ridden method is simply not good enough.

A failed audit often means closed factories and product recalls

This often means direct and critical impact on the company’s reputation and share price.
Pest outbreaks are often the reason for failed audits in the food industry, and if this happens, you can pack your bags and lock the doors – because it’s too late.

Flick Offers a SMART Alternative

Flick Anticimex’s revolutionary SMART system is entirely non-toxic, significantly reducing toxic chemical usage in internal food safety areas. Rodents are also humanely disposed of – meaning you don’t have to worry about any mess. The SMART system is designed so that any evidence of rodents is tracked, analysed and reportable, keeping you in the loop about any sightings.

Traditional pest solutions depend on quarterly or monthly physical inspections. Anticimex SMART, on the other hand, monitors constantly, reacts instantly and reports directly.

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Checking a bait station: 3 minutes, 6 inspections per year = 18 minutes of monitoring per year
Smart box monitoring: 24 hours, 365 days a year = 525 600 minutes of monitoring per year

If you have reached this point and are still not rushing to pick up the phone to call you local Flick branch, this comparative list will show you how SMART will benefit you and your company.

Traditional Pest Control

  1. Monitoring system requires physical readings
  2. Gives no data when an activity has occurred
  3. Hard to tell how many and how often
  4. Very often relies on pesticides
  5. Problems with resistance and bait shyness
  6. Reactive

Smart Pest Control System

  1. Actively sends data when there is an activity
  2. Sends date / time data when there is an activity
  3. Trend curves from each device, with time
  4. Non-toxic
  5. Local Attractant
  6. Proactive

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