SMART Digital Pest Control is our revolutionary way to keep your business free from pests.

SMART Digital Pest Control offers 24/7 remote monitoring in combination with traps that we maintain, giving you the easiest pest management system out there. We handle emptying the traps and moving them to areas with pest activity, so that you always have the highest-quality pest prevention and control available. In addition, because the traps eliminate the need for pesticides, the SMART system is compatible with FMCG businesses that need to avoid the possibility of cross contamination from pesticides.

When you have a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company, you expect your inventory to move quickly. That means they are probably in multiple locations while they are being moved. These different areas provide their own risks for pests. Understanding those risks can help you realize how the SMART system can help you.

Why SMART Digital Pest Control is the best option for a FMCG company

If you have a FMCG business, whether you are in production or retail, the outside may attract pests. Look around your facility and see what could attract pests. Dumpsters, vegetation, nearby empty lots, waste accumulation, and a source of water are all things that pests love. If you see those things, you have to worry about an external pest problem.

If you process food, pests are going to be attracted inside by the smell of food. Processing facilities also provide lots of entry points. Some of those points are doors, drains, and incoming shipments of products. Food prep areas are also very tempting to pests. The food attracts them, and it is difficult to keep food prep areas clean of spills or small pieces of food. They also offer hiding spots, since pests can easily hide under appliances. It can be difficult to eliminate all of those sources, so using the SMART system to monitor near them can alert you as soon as pests breach your barrier.

One of the most embarrassing places to have pests is on the sales floor. Displays offer hiding spots and open doors provide plenty of entry places. You do not want to have an infestation because it can ruin thousands of dollars in product. You also do not want customers to see pests on the premises because it can impact your reputation. SMART helps you spot pests quickly and targets them on-site, discreetly, and without risk to your customers. Call Flick today to get started with SMART Digital Pest Control for your FMCG company.

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