Beautiful Brisbane and the wider state of Queensland play host to a thriving ecosystem. Unfortunately, the lush terrain and warm weather also makes it very attractive for invasive pests such as cane toads and fire ants!

Fire ants are aggressive and possess a painful sting – they can cause significant damage to humans, wildlife, property and plants.

What do fire ants look like and where are they located?
Fire ants are reddish-brown ants around 2 – 6 mm in length. They are distinguishable by their coppery head and darker abdomen. What really sets them apart is their aggressive nature and ability to inflict painful stings.
Fire ants build large mounds in open areas, usually preferring warm weather and sunny locations like lawns, gardens, and parks. This can make them terrors at Brisbane sporting fields, gardens and work sites.

What damage do fire ants cause?
Fire ants can cause extensive damage across sectors. They can have a destructive impact on agriculture, feeding on seeds and plants. Infestations can lead to significant economic losses for farmers.

Fire ants can also impact biodiversity, competing with wildlife and preying on small animals such as ground-nesting birds.

Property isn’t safe either – fire ants can chew through electrical cables, causing costly damage that isn’t covered by insurance.

Are fire ants dangerous to humans?
Yes! Fire ant stings are not only painful but can also cause severe allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. The venom injected during a sting may result in painful pustules, itching, and in rare cases, anaphylaxis—a life-threatening allergic response. This is a particular worry for small children playing in Brisbane gardens.

What’s the best treatment for fire ants?
Dealing with fire ants can be hazardous – they’re resilient and challenging to eradicate. It is crucial to engage certified professionals like Flick Pest Control to address infestations effectively.
Our expert technicians have specialised protective equipment and possess the necessary expertise and experience to identify fire ant nests accurately and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

What treatments do Flick Pest Control use for fire ants?
Flick has been protecting Australians for over 105 years. Our technicians will employ targeted direct nest methods that ensure the complete removal of fire ants, preventing reinfestation. We also prioritise the preservation of the local environment, following strict guidelines to minimise the impact on beneficial insects, plants, and other organisms in the ecosystem.

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