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Pest Control Dubbo

Located in Rosulyn Street, Flick Anticimex Dubbo specialise in providing pest control services and termite inspections & treatments to the Dubbo Region.


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Committed to safe and effective treatment solutions, Flick Anticimex is proud to have been a trusted name in pest control for over 100 years. With a reputation for expertise, we uphold only the highest of Australian and international standards, and are eager to provide our premier service to homes and businesses alike in Dubbo. Our local team of trained technicians knows what it’s like to live and work here, and has both the education and experience it takes to get rid of pesky pests once and for all.

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We have a local team of experts who know your area and are able to provide a safe and effective pest treatment for your home.

Common Pests in Dubbo


Humidity is a termite’s best friend, and those who live in Dubbo know just how detrimental these pesky pests can be. Voracious eaters liable to chew through your property before you’ve even realized they’re there, termites (also known as White Ants) will make a mess of any structure composed of or with wood. From pre-construction and post-flooding evaluation to perimeter and chemical soil treatments, the team at Flick has the education and expertise it takes to rid your home or business of termites before they cause costly and irreparable damage.


Despite their friendly appearance, possums are called pests for a reason. Firstly, you’ll want to watch out for their droppings and urine, which can be hazardous to human health; next, you’ll want to watch out for electrical wiring, as they have a tendency to chew right through it. Because they are native to Australia, possums are covered under the Nature Conservation Act of 1992, and it is thus illegal to harm, kill, or keep them. To avoid heavy fines, give the experts at Flick a call to safely ensnare and relocate these furry critters from your property once and for all.


Common in and around Dubbo, the deadly Redback spider is reason enough to have an expert spider control professional inspect your home or business. By treating windows, doorways, light fixtures, pipes, and every little nook and cranny in between, the team of technicians at Flick is well-practiced in the detection and extermination of arachnids from your property. To learn more, call 02 6884 3966.


A painfully common sight in and around Dubbo, cockroaches are perhaps the most reviled of all Earthly pests. Nearly impossible to get rid of on your own, the expert team of techs at Flick uses a unique combination of bait gel and pesticide fumigation to ensure that your cockroach population is gone for good.

Rats & Mice

Dubbo’s climate makes it a hotbed for rodents, all varieties of which will make their home within the roof and walls of homes and businesses alike. Not only will rats destroy everything they chew through on a search for feeding and breeding grounds, but their droppings can pose a serious health hazard. For those who live in close proximity to restaurants or other food-handling industries, the risk of an infestation is especially high. Experts in Dubbo pest control, the trained team of technicians at Flick Anticimex is proud to offer premier treatment solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Other Pest Control Services

With a range of pest control services, Flick’s Dubbo office is proud to provide treatment solutions for the following common pests:

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Flick Pest Control Dubbo is extremely proud to be a sponsor of the Dubbo Junior Rugby League.

Dubbo Service Area

Our local Flick office services households in and around Dubbo, including:

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  • Gilgandra
  • Coonamble
  • Narromine
  • Trangie
  • Nyngan
  • Warren
  • Mudgee
  • Gulgong
  • Coolah
  • Merriwa
  • Orange
  • Wellington

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