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Our local experts provide safe and effective pest control services in Perth, with Flick being a trusted household name in Australia for decades.


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Located in Wangara, we provide pest control services for properties all over Perth. We cover the entire Perth Metropolitan Area from the city centre to Fremantle, Northbridge, the Hills and the suburbs North and South of the Swan River. Whether you are in Perth City, Rockingham, Canning Vale, or Osborne Park our team of pest control experts knows your area well and can prescribe the most suitable pest treatments for your home. Perth’s warm and wet climate makes it fantastic for outdoor activities, but it’s also the ideal environment for household pests to thrive. The high population density makes pest infestations common.

Common Pests in Perth


Perth’s climate makes infestations of Termites particularly easy. Homes should be inspected for termites every 3 to 12 months depending on the amount of wood they are made of and whether termites have been a problem in the past. Termite colonies can be concealed in timber wall frames and roofs. Termites eat their way through timber frames, as well as anything made of wood or cellulose including furniture. A termite inspection and proper treatment can be carried out by one of our pest control experts. Prevention is better than cure, and an excellent option is to use a liquid perimeter treatment, which should be reapplied if the property experienced any flooding. A termite inspection should be carried out prior to purchasing a property to prevent any nasty surprises. Termite infestations are serious problems and can cause costly structural damage to a house if not caught in the early stages.


Perth is home to a number of spiders including the Huntsman, Redback and Wolf Spider. Spider control treatment is a good way to keep these dangerous pests out of the home. In order to prevent the spider population from increasing and infesting your home, a Flick technician will treat all possible hiding places in your home, including lighting, external window areas, doorways, under seating, cracks, and crevices and around down pipes. Our Perth team is experienced in spider control, so give us a call at 08 6404 0000 if you are plagued by these arachnids.


Perth is home to Australian, American and German cockroaches, and these pests can pose a real problem when they invade your home. Smaller German cockroaches have also been known to make their way into electrical appliances. Their droppings can also be responsible for setting off allergies and asthma attacks. Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to eliminate, and a fumigation treatment is often needed to get rid of them. Our cockroach eradication method includes the use of cockroach bait gels as well as low toxic formulations of pesticide fumigation. This is a safe and sustainable long-term solution to cockroach control.

Rats & Mice

Rats and mice proliferate in warm climates like Perth’s. These rodents can make their way into roofs and wall cavities, damaging homes as they chew through everything in sight in their quest for nesting grounds and food. Their droppings can also pose a health risk. If your property is located close to restaurants or other businesses related to food, your risk of suffering a rat infestation is high. Flick Perth’s pest control experts inspect homes for rats and mice and then prescribe an effective treatment plan. We also provide commercial rodent control services for restaurants and like businesses.

Other Pest Control Services

Our Perth team provides effective pest control solutions that can eradicate a range of household pests including:

  • Flies
  • Birds
  • Bees & Wasps
  • Bed Bugs

Perth Service Area

Flick Pest Control serves households across all of Perth and surrounding areas including the following Perth suburbs.

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