Give Termites the Flick with Flickguard!

Termites are one of the most serious problems that can threaten your home. More than 1 in 3 properties in Australia are impacted by termites at one stage or another. Flickguard is a flexible physical termite system that is installed at the time of construction to offer effective and long-term protection from subterranean termites. Flickguard prevents concealed entry of termites, this is because termites physically can’t get through Flickguard!

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Flickguard-Technician Working on Site

A Versatile Solution for Diverse Building Projects

Flickguard can be installed in a range of complicated building situations and is perfect for unusual designs. It is easily cut and joined and can be quickly installed, with no sharp edges that can hurt anyone who comes in contact with it. It adheres to all Australian Building Standards and comes with a 50-year warranty from the date of installation, subject to annual inspections and conditions.

Flick Pest Control are fully authorised to supply and install Flickguard across Australia. Protect your new home and Give termites the Flick for good! Contact us today on 1300 270 019 for more information.

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What is Flickguard?

Flickguard contains a highly repellent termite control agent. The superior performance comes from the use of deltamethrin giving active termite protection. It is a tough yet flexible impregnated sheet that is easy to install due to a slimmer and more compacted profile, making it less obtrusive in modern construction designs. It can be installed in many difficult and complicated situations including multiple penetrations, step downs etc.

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Codemark Compliance

Flickguard Termite Protection holds a Codemark Certificate of Conformity, CM40258, confirming compliance with the Building Code of Australia Volume One and Volume Two including Queensland and Northern Territory additions, as a termite protection system, to deter concealed subterranean termite entry into buildings.

Flexible Flickguard

Safer to use and Better for the Environment

Flickguard is safer to use and better for the environment. The polymers used in Flickguard are inedible to termites and, since Flickguard also acts as a moisture barrier, it further reduces the attractiveness of a property to termites. In the unlikely event that any termites should penetrate the bottom plastic layer, they meet with the deadly (to termites) deltamethrin, ensuring their rapid demise… and since the deltamethrin remains safely locked up within the inner core, it does not get into the environment protecting your family and your property from termites.

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Flickguard Caring for the environment

Part of the green product community

Flickguard poses no risk to homeowners, construction workers or the environment. It is ideal for use in sensitive environments and in allergy-free housing.

Flickguard is so suited to securing properties against termites, protecting more than 100,000 homes and buildings in Australia, SE Asia and Europe.

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Australian designed and tested

Flickguard is designed and tested in Australia to suit Australian conditions and to protect against the voracious termites native to Australia. Flickguard meets all performance criteria of Australian building authorities and standards, providing effective termite protection in excess of 50 years, and is very easy to install and work with.

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Flickguard Warranty

24/7 Year Round Termite Protection

Did you know that Flickguard comes with 50 year warranty. To maintain your warranty and protect your property against concealed entry of subterranean termites, annual timber pest inspections and regular treatments are imperative. You can Subscribe and Save on your annual termite warranty inspection and pest treatments. Click here to learn about our range of flexible Home protection packages.

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