Keeping your rental property pest-free in warm weather is imperative. A systematic approach can prevent costly damage and protect the health of tenants. This is the season to be vigilant.

Flick Pest Control has over 100 years’ experience fighting Australian pests. We’re also part of the global Anticimex network, which allows us to tap into proven treatments from around the world. We keep the community safe using a proven and successful combination of local knowledge, great customer service and innovation.

Here are our three keys to ensuring that your rental property stays safe for current and future tenants.

Key #1: Book an ‘End of Lease’ Flea Treatment

It’s important to book a treatment when a property turns over. A flea treatment is absolutely essential if the previous tenants had pets – or even if they didn’t! Minuscule fleas can hide in the carpet or floorboards and are almost impossible for laymen to detect.

Our team will treat fleas using approved ‘next generation’ solutions that are more environmentally-friendly than previous iterations – giving them ‘The Flick’ for good.

Key #2: Watch Out for Termites!

Timber pests strike fear into the heart of every homeowner, causing thousands of dollars in damage to real estate every year. In fact, 1 in 3 Australian homes will suffer termite damage at some point.

Unlike natural disasters, termite damage isn’t covered by the majority of home insurance policies, leaving many landlords severely out of pocket. It’s absolutely imperative to have annual termite inspections for a property and a prevention system in place.

Flick’s expert technicians are certified in termite detection and treatment. If we do find termites, we’ll devise a tailored treatment plan. That might be Termite Dusting, Baiting, Chemical Soil Treatment or a combination of all three.

Our Termite Interception & Baiting systems will also give you ongoing peace of mind that a property is protected.

Key #3: Schedule Regular Treatments for Common Pests

Spring and summer are always conducive to Australian pests – but particularly so with the deluge of rain we’ve had from ‘La Niña’. Flies, ants, spiders, wasps, cockroaches, carpet moths, fleas and rodents are all breeding more than ever, which means that you need to be extra careful that your rental property doesn’t fall prey to an infestation, suffer serious damage or trigger health concerns.

We recommend landlords and property managers book a treatment every 6 months to prevent common pests. For apartment buildings, it’s crucial to also treat the common areas such as the lobby, stairwell, gardens, communal bin areas and basements.

Give pests ‘The Flick’! Contact us today to discuss your property’s specific needs and we’ll tailor an affordable treatment plan for you.

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