Can we be honest? No matter how clean you keep it, sometimes your washroom is not going to smell great. Without getting into the details of what we all know people do in washrooms, the reality is that it can be a little smelly. While we all know that it is still uninviting to walk into a washroom with strong smells and odors. In fact, it can make people think that your washroom is dirty, even if it is sparkling clean.

How do you handle that? Sure, you can make air freshener available for people, but not everyone uses it. Instead, you should consider a passive air freshening system. Flick uses Oxy-Gen Air Fresheners to help keep your washroom smelling great.

How Do Oxy-Gen Air Fresheners Work?

Oxy-Gen Air Fresheners use technology to help keep your air smelling fresh. It offers a continuous delivery of fragrance into the air, for as long as your cartridge lasts. They are an affordable, reliable, and easy way to keep your washrooms smelling clean and inviting.

Oxy-Gen Air Fresheners do not just mask odors. If you have ever smelled an odor masking air freshener, then you know you are just combining two strong odors. In addition, many people have aversions to strong fragrances. It can make a washroom less inviting than just normal biological smells. Instead, Oxy-Gen uses odor eliminators, which are specifically targeted to work on biological odors. They are effective at removing the scents of urine, feces, mold, mildew, body odor, and even cigarette smoke from the air.

Oxy-Gen Air Fresheners are also incredibly environmentally friendly. They use fuel cells to power them, which allows for a consistently pleasant scent for 60 days, until the cartridge needs to be replaced. We offer both Viva!E and Shield Dispenser varieties.

Choosing The Right Oxy-Gen Air Freshener

What type of Oxy-Gen Air Freshener is right for your business? In most environments, the Viva!E works well. They are small, stylish dispensers you can use anywhere. If you need a larger system or if you are worried about vandals, the Shield system is vandal and tamper-proof. It also handles larger areas with higher foot traffic than our Viva!E system. It is a favorite in public school systems and other areas where you might expect mischief makers.

Get your premises smelling better with an Oxy-Gen Air Freshener. At Flick, we can handle it all from installation to servicing expired cartridges. Contact us to find out more.

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