During July, Smart Conferences were held in Sydney, Auckland and Brisbane.

In total there were 63 participants, including Smart owners, technical and sales from branches all around Australia and New Zealand. All things Smart were discussed along with some awards to some well-deserving Smart people.

Smart Sales person of Southern Region – John Radman

Smart Person Technical of Southern Region – Stephen Mason

Smart Back office of Southern Region – Nicole Barnes

Smart Sales person of North West Region – Tracy Mclaren

Smart Trainee Technical of North West Region – Tim Smith

Special award was presented to Stephen Carrier for his hard work and dedication to looking after the Technical and Back office for the country.

A sincere thank you for Erik Meurling and Henrik “Hammer time” Hammar for helping the Pacific team during the past few years, we look forward to working together in future.

If you and your business would like to know more about SMART please call us on 1300 270 019 or by visiting flick.com.au/smart

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