Are you looking for a total pest control solution for your business? Flick’s SMART Pest Control system offers advantages that traditional pest control cannot match. Those advantages mean more effective pest control, helping prevent problems, and reducing your risk from pest contamination. 

Constant Monitoring

Our SMART system offers 24/7 monitoring. That means that SMART sees pests you do not see. That helps us find high-traffic areas to immediately respond to changes in pest behaviour. Responsiveness means that we can take our pest control system to the pests, allowing us to quickly eradicate your pest problem


Because of our 24/7 monitoring, we can respond to your pest control problems. That means that we can move traps to where pests are located. It also means that we empty and replace traps. The result? Trouble-free pest control for you. Our SMART data hub constantly reports information. We use that information to custom-tailor pest control for you. You can also get a snapshot of pests on the premises at any point in time.  

No Secondary Poisoning

One of the major problems with traditional pest control is that it is not targeted. Instead, it uses widespread baits and poisons in various locations to try to target pests. Unfortunately, that can lead to secondary poisoning. In fact, some traditional forms of pest control cannot be used in specific environments because of the risk of secondary poisoning or contamination. With the SMART system, you avoid the risk of secondary poisoning. Our trap and bait system means that the entire system is contained. Therefore, you do not have to worry about contamination or secondary poisoning. All of our SMART traps are 100% non-toxic.


Pest control can be a brutal business. While there are some scenarios where trap and release work, extermination is the only real solution for many pest problems. However, Flick’s SMART system uses a humane approach to pest control because we do not believe in needless suffering, even for pests.

Environmentally Friendly

Because our traps are non-toxic, you do not have to worry about environmental impacts. We also use local foods as bait sources, which reduces the environmental impact.  


We start our SMART system with a thorough on-site analysis consisting of a visual inspection and interviews. Then with our pest control knowledge, we identify high-risk areas and begin our targeted pest control in those areas. Getting a good start helps us quickly target your pest control problem. 

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