No business wants bugs, rodents, or other pests. However, pests can be a real problem in the hospitality industry. Your guests expect your premises to be sanitary and safe. Pests send the message that they are not. However, keeping your premises pest-free can be difficult. You need to use products that are safe for your guests, while still effective at preventing pests. You also want to be discreet.

Flick is proud to be the industry leader in pest control for the hospitality sector. We are known for our safe, effective, non-disruptive pest-control. We can keep you pest free without drawing attention to our treatments.

Our Discreet Pest Control Solution

Being discreet is very important. You do not want guests to see pests. Unfortunately, obvious signs of pest control can send the message that you have a pest problem, even when you do not. You do not want pests in your business, but you also do not want anyone to think you have pests. If they do, social media will be buzzing about your pest problem, even if you do not really have one.

Flick’s SMART digital pest control system is the perfect solution. We can place our SMART sensors in hidden places, where pests are likely to hide, and guests are unlikely to see them. They monitor for pest activity, so that we can provide responsive pest control. We stay ahead of the pests, so that you never have an infestation.

Food Standards Code’s Pest Management Plan

Flick complies with the Food Standards Code’s Pest Management Plan. Our traps use local baits to attract pests, and then kill them. They are non-toxic to humans, and you do not have to worry about cross-contamination between poisons or insecticides and your food preparation areas.

Our pest controllers provide you with proof of compliance with the Pest Management Plan, including

  • Where the treatments are
  • What pests are targeted
  • Maps of bait stations
  • Written reports of pest activity
  • Frequency of treatment

Leave the Monitoring to Us

You also do not have to worry about monitoring traps. Our SMART system sends us a message when traps are used, so that we know to come empty and reset them. It is the most hands-free pest control system available. After the initial consultation, the only thing you need to do is make the premises available to us for us to handle it.

If you are ready for next-level pest care, contact Flick. We can provide you with a consultation and estimate on what it would take to SMARTify your hospitality business.

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