Nothing bugs us like a summer BBQ that is overrun with pests. Flying insects can contaminate your food, leave you with painful bites, and otherwise just make a nuisance of themselves. However, because they can fly and are attracted to the smells of cooking food, it can be difficult to eliminate them completely.

Get Your Backyard in Order

The “wilder” your backyard seems, the more wildlife you can expect in it, including flying insects. What we associate with a backyard looking a little wild are the things that animals rely on for food, water, and hiding spots. So, before you BBQ, check out your backyard.

Do you have any water sources for insects?
Clean out your gutters, cover up or dump out standing water or puddles, and take steps to keep insects away from any permanent water features, such as pools or fountains.

Is the yard overgrown?
Mowing your backyard and trimming bushes eliminates hiding and breeding spots for flying insects.

A backyard full of gorgeous flowers?
Move your BBQ pit and your dining table away from pollinator-attracting flowers. Also, place any rubbish receptacles at a distance and make sure they are covered when not in use.

Use Personal Insect Repellent

While some insects are attracted to things in your backyard like water and flowers, and other are attracted to the food at a BBQ, mozzies are attracted to you. In fact, most blood-sucking insects are attracted to pets and people. Insect repellants are a great way to keep them from biting you and because of the potential for disease spread that comes along with biting insects, we suggest using them even if you are doing a great job managing insects in your backyard.

Use a Pest Control Company to Eliminate Outdoor Insects

At Flick, we offer home protection plans that are designed to keep your home and backyard insect-free. Our effective and affordable service provides you with internal and external treatments to eliminate common household pests. Most plans also include an year round protection service for included pests in this package.

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