The very quick and unfortunate answer is – yes – termites are active all year. Whatever you may think, do not conclude that winter or summer, or any other season stops termites or kills them off or incapacitates them. They are an infestation and they will come back.

How to Keep Termite Vigilance Year-Round

Weather affects termites, just as it does any other animal, but it does not slow them down for long. If you believe there are termites in your home, don’t expect a cold snap or a heat wave to remove them, because it will not to the degree you would hope. Some might fall into the trap of believing termites are seasonal. They can be more or less active at different times of the year. For example, depending on the termite species some may swarm more during the spring, while one may swarm during the summer, and there’s even a species that swarms in the fall.

Termites usually swarm in the warmer seasons, so it would be easier then to notice signs of them. Termites usually spend their time foraging and eating and it usually results in the death of many of the termite workers, thus reducing their workforce. But then they come back in just as great numbers as before.

When it’s winter, termites won’t die unless they freeze over. While there may not be signs of an infestation now, it does not mean they all died. They are typically pretty warm and comfortable in their nests, which are usually found deep underground. They can also be nice and warm in your heated house. But you must remember that termites are animals. They will be hungry in the winter, and winter has always been known to create a harder environment to find food. Considering the comfort of a warm home, with the bastion of colder and barren wastes outside, they may simply have set up camp instead of dying during the winter.

Here are some termite signs that mean an infestation is occurring: discarded termite wings, new damages in walls, rotting wood around your property, mud tubes around foundations and support beams, and bugs in the soil.

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