Watch your water!

Whether you are a gardener who uses water to keep your garden lush and alive, a person who uses an automatic sprinkler system for your lawn, or simply a person who uses and consumes water in your home for your everyday necessities, there is a chance that you are using bad watering habits that might attract pests to your home. By eliminating some of these bad practices, you can reduce the appeal of your home to pests, which can help you prevent possible infestations.

Make checking for leaks a habit

The availability of water is one of the main attractors for all types of pests. Bugs, mice, and rats all need water to survive and something that seems like an insignificant small spill or leak can actually provide enough water for a large pest population. Therefore, if you can inspect your home and yard for potential sources of water and eliminate them, you can help reduce the likelihood that pests will take up residence, and may even be able to drive away existing pest populations.
In your home, it is important to look for any areas with leaks. Under the sink is one place where there is often just enough water to sustain a pest population, so check frequently to ensure that your plumbing is absolutely watertight. In addition, if you experience any type of clog or other plumbing problem, make sure you check for and remove any dampness that may have been the result.

What pests are you inviting?

In your garden, it can be somewhat more difficult to eliminate water sources, especially if you have several plants or flowers that need regular watering. However, poor gardening watering habits can actually invite tons of pests into your yard. Mosquitoes use stagnant pools of water as breeding grounds; although many people do not realise that these pools can be as small as the saucers underneath potted plants. Moreover, mosquitoes are not the only pests that are attracted to water; ants and cockroaches are attracted to water sources, even smaller water spills. In addition, overwatering can be bad for your plants, leaving them to rot. Rotting plants provide a great food source for many types of pests. However, it can be difficult to water your plants enough without engaging in some of these bad watering habits.

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