In Australia, pests are a problem. We are known for our giant-sized insects and are subject to plagues of mice at various times. Even worse than that, termites are a huge problem in Australia. That means that, no matter how nice and clean your home is, you are constantly at risk of a pest infestation. Getting an annual inspection can help you prevent a serious and costly pest problem.


The number one reason to get an annual pest and termite inspection is prevention. If you are getting regular inspections, you should be able to avoid any type of pest infestation. However, you want to make sure that your exclusion efforts are doing their job. Getting a professional to inspect your premises, note anything that needs changing, and look for the early signs of an infestation is one way to keep your property safe.

Early Detection

Early detection is extremely important to protect your property. Pests multiply quickly. A pair of mice can turn into hundreds of mice within a year. Bugs hide in dark space and multiple quickly, so that by the time you see evidence of them, they are already at infestation levels. Regular inspections help your pest control company detect pests before you see evidence of them.


One of the most important reasons to get annual inspections is because of termites. In fact, most local governments in Australia recommend these annual inspections. That is because a significant percentage of homes in Australia will get termites in their lifetime. Termites lead to billions of dollars in property damage each year. While newer construction standards have reduced the risk of termites, they have not resulted in termite-proof homes. Finding evidence of termites in their early stages can help you avoid serious property damage.

Save Money

Another benefit of discovering pests early is that it costs less to eradicate fewer pests. In fact, with Flickā€™s annual detection and prevention programs, you can pay for programs that include inspections and pest treatment programs. These can save you money, since we guarantee our pest control.

Peace of Mind Through Our Annual Termite Inspection

Finally, annual inspections let you relax. When you have Flick handling your pest control, you know that we are going to find pests if they are there and then developing the right treatment program to get your home pest-free. So, you can relax, knowing that Flick is on the job.

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