Are you wondering if digital rodent monitoring is really better than basic rodent control? If pest industry trends are any indication, pest control companies certainly think it is.

Digital Monitoring

Digital monitoring systems are data driven. They use sensors, apps, and wireless networks to monitor for pests and report them back to the extermination company. In most locations, pest control companies introduced digital monitoring systems first to commercial customers but are now expanding them to residential customers. Flick has followed this model and innovated to create the residential SMART Digital Rodent Monitoring system.

SMART Digital Rodent Monitoring System

  • SMART Connect Mini communicates wirelessly via a mesh network with up to 200 devices
  • SMART Eye Mini are waterproof and dustproof sensors that can detect mice up to 6.5 feet away

Basic Rodent Control

In basic or traditional rodent control, pest control technicians guess where pests are or are likely to be. While this may sound haphazard, there is skill involved in it. Rodents are consistently attracted to certain types of spaces. Therefore, an experienced exterminator can make an educated guess about where to place traps and poisons. If they do not help end the rodent problem, the technician moves them until finding a place where they are effective.

Why Digital Rodent Monitoring Is Better

Digital rodent monitoring lets a technician use the same traps or rodenticides as in traditional rodent control but targets them to where rodents actually are. They report real-time rodent activity, as well as changes in rodent activity. Flick can respond to that data, moving traps or bait into known pathways.

You may wonder if that makes a difference. Absolutely. It lets us control your rodent problem more quickly. Time is a serious consideration in rodent extermination because rodents breed so quickly. Reducing your extermination time means reducing the likelihood of developing a full-blown infestation and limiting your exposure to rodent-borne disease.

For many people, the decision is an economic one. Obviously, remote monitoring technology and 24/7 surveillance come with associated costs. However, those costs are lower than many people realize. At Flick, digital remote monitoring is automatically included for Peace of Mind Home Protection subscribers. It can also be added to Convenience and Flick 100 Home Protection Subscriptions. The result is affordable digital monitoring at a low monthly cost.

Digital remote monitoring does not replace traditional pest control. You still need skilled technicians to place the monitoring devices and respond to alerts. What it does is give as an advantage that we do not have with basic rodent control. We can watch the areas where rodents are likely to hide and travel and see where they are, not just where we think they are.

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