Summer is here and so is the rain. Thanks to La Nina, the eastern coast of Australia from Queensland down to Victoria is in for a drenching. Flooding is also expected in these areas, as many catchment areas are already full. That may mean fewer beach days for us, but for pests, the party season is just getting started.

Our clients have asked us if rain will affect their pest control, which has caused some hesitation. But, as the humidity rises, so too do pest infestations. Insects, spiders, ants and rodents love the rain, but will seek shelter in your home if there’s too much of a good thing. So, it’s important you book an inspection if you think you may have a pest problem.

Should you cancel your pest control treatment if it rains?

Don’t cancel your pest inspection if rain is forecast.

Inside the home, the weather doesn’t affect our treatments at all and can go ahead as planned. Outside the home, most areas are quite protected and can still be treated in the rain.

It’s rare that we need to reschedule, but of course, we’ll assess the conditions and the treatment needed on the day.

Will the spray be washed away in the rain?

Most places where we spray are protected by eaves and guttering overhanging the walls of the house. The balcony, veranda and backyard gazebo are also dry areas where our highly skilled technicians spray.

The spray needs to bind to these areas while they’re dry. Once the spray is completely dry, it shouldn’t be washed away in the rain. The residual left behind works well even during a sudden downpour.

If the area is sodden, then the spray won’t bind. So, we won’t go ahead with the treatment in those areas. For unprotected areas, such as fences, the spray will be washed away in the rain. In this case, we’ll only spray the dry areas and return another day to spray the wetter areas once they’re also dry.

Does pest control spray work in the rain?

Yes, it does! Once the spray has bound to the surface and dried, the treatment continues to act as a preventative measure. The residual spray that’s left behind is insoluble. That means the chemical won’t be loosened or dissolved in water.

Many pests such as ants will seek shelter in the rain. So, they’ll move from their nests in your garden to inside your house. The residual spray on your walls will act before the ants set up home in your kitchen.

La Nina is expected to turn up the humidity this summer. Don’t let the rainy weather stop you from calling our highly trained technicians for all your pest control needs. Before insects and rodents seek shelter in your home, book in with Flick.

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