Spiders are a part of everyday life here in Australia! These creepy-crawlies can come in all varieties. From big ones like the huntsman, to tiny little spiders like the white-tail, to dangerous or even deadly spiders like the funnel web. In order to help you navigate the dangerous landscape that is the aussie backyard, here is a list of the most dangerous spiders in australian homes and how dangerous they really are.

Huntsman Spider

Huntsmen are well-known all-over Australia as big, scary & hairy! But like a bad scary movie they are far more likely to just give you a scare than do any damage. While huntsman can inflict a painful bite, it is very uncommon, and they are much more likely to run away than attack.

The greatest danger from a huntsman comes from the fright and consequent fall or injury! They have been known to be the cause of car accidents when surprising an unsuspecting driving. While big and scary, huntsmen are more likely to be your friend around the house, as they will often hunt down smaller bugs. Maybe we should hire some here at Flick!


White-Tail Spider

Whitetails have developed a fearsome reputation over the last 40 years as an extremely dangerous spider with many who say it has flesh-eating venom. While they do have a nasty sting, it is an urban legend that the white tail has flesh-eating venom.

White-tails are most commonly active at night and in a 2003 survey it was found that 85% of bites happen after 4pm. They like to spend time in folded fabrics so be sure to shake your towels and sheets before using them! If you do get bit by a white-tail, you should apply an icepack and contact the Poisons Info Hotline (13 11 26) for further assistance.

Redback Spider

Redbacks are found all through-out Australia and love to find little nooks and crannies in urban environments. They like to hang around garden sheds, mailboxes and infamously they enjoyed hiding under your toilet seat!

While there has only been one reported fatality from a redback spider in the last 70 years it is estimated that there are 2000 redback bites every year! The bite is extremely painful and may result in nausea or headaches, but many times the redback’s fangs are too small to penetrate your skin. While these little fellas may look unassuming be sure to steer clear of them!

 Daddy Long Legs

You might have heard someone say, “are daddy long legs dangerous”? While there is an urban legend that the daddy-long legs would be the most venomous spider in the world if only it’s fangs could penetrate our skin, this is 100% false. Daddy long legs are of no more danger than a common house fly.

They like to string up their webs in sheltered areas, often around human habitations like houses, garages or sheds. They are likely to keep your house more pest-free as they hunt other insects and spiders. They have even been known to hunt red-backs! So they may not be so bad after all!

Funnel Web Spider

By far and away the most dangerous spider in Australia, the Funnel-web is far more common than we would like! They are equipped which huge fangs (bigger than a brown snake!) and enough venom to kill an adult human. While no fatalities have been recorded since 1981, you should absolutely watch out for these nasty critters!

The funnel web likes to burrow in humid, sheltered places. They sometimes wander into residential areas and have been known to hide out in shoes or fall into swimming pools! Also known to be extremely aggressive, you should exercise extreme caution around them. They will more likely attack than run-away!

 Garden Orb Weaver

One of the most common spiders on this list, the garden orb-weaver (and other orb-weaver varieties like the golden orb-weaver pictured above) are commonplace in Australian backyards. They are most active at night and like to weave long webs between trees-hedges or washing lines.

While their venom is mostly harmless, they can give a nasty sting and they are very aggressive. Out of anything on this list they have the most reported bites each year. Along with a nasty bite, their huge webs can deliver a big surprise and could lead to an injury from the subsequent panic!

More often than not spiders are not a huge danger to us as we go about our everyday lives. That being said, the most dangerous spiders in australian homes can become a serious issue when left unchecked. If you are worried about a couple of spiders turning into an infestation you can give Flick a call on 1300 270 019. We can get one of our highly trained technicians to come out and assess your situation so you can get your spider problem solved in a heartbeat.


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