As COVID-19 restrictions relax across Australia, businesses begin to reopen and people return to work, it’s more important than ever to stay vigilant about hygiene and protect the community from further outbreaks. While your regular cleaning schedule should be in place, businesses can ramp up protection through expert hygiene services.

Flick is the largest provider of pest and hygiene control services in Australia. It’s also one of the only national companies to be using a product that kills COVID-19 and is the primary disinfectant we administer*.

Since the pandemic began, our high-grade disinfectant misting services have been in demand for both preventative and defensive application across the country. As restrictions ease, we have developed a 3-Step Program to help Australian businesses keep COVID-safe, and boost employee and community confidence.

Ready, Set, Protect: 3-Steps to Stay COVID-safe


Step 1: Ready
High-Grade Disinfection to Kill COVID-19*

Get ready to reopen with a disinfectant service that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. High-grade disinfection is even more important if you’ve remained open throughout the lockdown.

Our disinfectant, not only kills COVID-19, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. With a quick-drying formula, the space can be re-entered after approximately an hour.

It has been proven to work without pre-cleaning. However, in line with Australian Government guidelines, we recommend it being applied to clean surfaces and as a powerful supplement to your regular cleaning schedule.

We also provide a specialised disinfection treatment for large-scale clients that has been used to protect public transport networks and military spaces

Repeat expert disinfection every 30 days for maximum peace of mind, or depending on your site conditions every week/fortnight for high traffic areas.

Step 2: Set
Install Non-touch Hygiene Products

After you’ve disinfected the premises, we recommend installing non-touch hand sanitiser spray stations throughout and establishing internal guidelines on social distancing and hygiene. We’re entering a ‘new normal’, where extreme hygiene vigilance is part of everyday life.

Flick is one of the largest providers of non-touch hygiene products in Australia, along with comprehensive washroom hygiene services. Have a qualified hygiene technician service your premises regularly to ensure the standard is maintained to significantly reduce germ transmission onsite.

Step 3: Protect
Activate SMART Pest Monitoring & Control

The pandemic has had far-reaching consequences. One of these has been the growth in activity of the rodent population, as it has been forced into the open by food scarcity. Invading empty restaurants and offices, it’s likely that you’re returning to some new occupants! As rats carry diseases and germs, it’s imperative to protect your business.

Keep your office space monitored 24/7 with Flick’s SMART Pest Control. A digital, remote-monitored pest and germ control, it kills rodents with a non-toxic formula, and prevents an infestation through continual surveillance and reporting.

Stay COVID-safe and learn more about how you can Ready, Set, Protect with Flick call today on + 1300 351 719 or complete the quote form.


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