We all know that summertime is when the pests come out. Many pests start breeding or hatching in the springtime, so that they reach peak population in the summer. If you have not taken steps to protect yourself from pests, they can easily become overwhelming. Bugs can drive you inside, because they can ruin your outdoor time. Inside, you may find yourself fighting flies, ants, cockroaches, and even rodents.

Why Are Pests So Prevalent In The Summer?

Let us look at both kinds of pests. First, let us consider rodents. Many rodents come inside when it is cold outside. So, you may begin to notice them in the fall and winter months. However, like other mammals they are more likely to breed when they have a steady supply of food and water, as well as a warm and safe environment. So, many of them breed more in the springtime. By summer, their populations can be exploding.

While rodents can survive in the winter, it is much more difficult for bugs. Bugs cannot generate their own body heat. Instead, they have to rely on the heat of the sun to survive. So, as it warms up, you see more and more of them. They not only survive, but thrive, under these weather conditions.

Reducing The Risk Of Summer Pests

Since pests are normally more active in the summertime, it is important to know how to reduce your risk. You need to start outside. Pests need water. So, you want to get rid of sources of water in your yard. Fix leaky faucets, do not overwater plants, and get rid of places where water collects. Next, think about where pests live. They love overgrown vegetation and piles of dead leaves or brush. Keeping your yard well maintained can reduce your pests. In addition, think of how they can get into your house. Move mulch away from your building, so there is no land bridge from the ground into your home.

You also need to clean up inside your building. In the winter, pests may come inside to look for warmth. In the summer, they are looking for food. You need to clean up any sources of crumbs. Whether you are in a home or commercial environment, that means limiting eating to kitchens or dining rooms. It also means regularly cleaning your kitchen on a daily basis. Do not leave out dirty dishes. Empty your trash on a daily basis. Taking those steps can help discourage pests.

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