Most people think of termites as a warm weather problem. We see termite swarms in the spring and are likely to notice termite damage in the summer. Therefore, it makes sense that one of the questions we get is whether termites can damage your home in the winter.

The answer is absolutely. Just because you do not see termites outside as much in the winter does not mean that they have gone dormant. One of the main reasons people do not see termite activity in colder months is because many people cut down on outdoor activities when it is cold. You may not be out there in your backyard or garden, but the termites are still there.

Some types of bugs die in the winter. However, termites do not. Depending on the species of termite and the location of their colony, termites can actually thrive in the winter, especially if they have a continuous supply of food.

Depending on the location of a colony, termites could do significant damage in the winter months. They are going to continue to need a food supply, which means that they can continue to eat and damage your wood and wood-products throughout your home.

Signs of termites

If you look carefully, you may see signs of termites, even in the winter. A great spring sign of termites is a pile of wings, however, do not expect to find wings in the winter. Termites swarm in the spring and then lose their wings once they have arrived at the new colony’s location. That is not a winter activity. Instead, you want to look for signs of a termite colony. Are you seeing damaged wood? Have you noticed mud tubes? Those are two reliable signs of termites that do not depend on the weather.

While you might want to take the winter off from termite prevention, termites are not going to take a break. Fortunately, Flick offers termite solutions in our Home Protection pest control subscription plans, as well as other termite solutions and reticulation systems. We can keep your home safe from termites at any time of year. Contact us today to find out more about our plans. If you suspect you have termites, you can even schedule a one-time inspection. During an inspection, one of our technicians looks for signs of termites. If they are present, our technician will develop a customized plan designed to combat your termite infestation and prevent further damage.

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