A present and common issue for most work places and homes during the warmer summer months is with flying insects making their way inside, spoiling food and carrying dangerous diseases.

Flies, in particular, pick up disease-carrying bacteria from the various places that they land on – e.g. faeces, dead animals, manure and food scraps. These germs are carried on their bodies, legs and in their stomachs which are deposited onto whatever they land on next, which unfortunately can be food or cutlery/plates in a restaurant, an office kitchen or in someone’s home. These germs are then passed onto anyone who consumes the contaminated food.

Through this series of events, diseases such as Salmonellosis, Shigellosis, Trachoma and Hepatitis A can be passed on to a human, which can have an extremely serious outcome for the person or people affected. For a full list of the repercussion of flies in the workplace, click here.

What are Flying Insect Control Units?

Flying Insect Control Units are a great way to ensure that any workplaces and homes are protected from flying insects and the pathogens that they carry.

These UV light-based control units are specifically designed to attract a wide range of flying insects by the UV light attractant, including blow flies, house flies, and moths. The control units are ideal for use in all food processing, food preparation, and food storage areas but also work effectively for any other place experiencing problems with flying insects.

The UV lights utilise shatter-proof tubes and the glue board design holds all trapped insects; making identification of the insect species and the number of insects trapped relatively easy to identify.

The light traps are designed to suit multiple purposes. They are easily mounted on walls and have an understated design which does not require too much space and only needs a normal 240-volt power point to plug into.

There are a number of different models available which ensures that these insects have a minor effect on any workplace or home and to help solve problems with insects invading areas that they aren’t welcome. For the full list of light traps, click here.

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