Summer is here.  With the warm weather and beautiful days, we also have one of the most annoying pests – the mosquito.  These bloodsucking critters are not just annoying, but also dangerous, as they play a pivotal role in the spread of disease.  You want to avoid them, but the long sleeves and long pants recommended by so many experts are simply not realistic for enjoying outdoors in the summertime.  There are steps you can take to reduce your chances of getting mosquito bites.  One of those steps is learning when mosquitoes are most active.

You have probably heard that mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn. The reality is that mosquito activity level is related to their species.  Some species of mosquito are active during the day, while others come out at night. The overlap between the two types of species makes dawn and dusk seem like times of greater mosquito activity. 

Mosquitos Bites can Transmit Illnesses from Abroad

Though Australia is not home to all of the world’s mosquito activities and is not considered an at-risk place for all mosquito-borne diseases, both daytime and nighttime mosquitos carry a risk.  Daytime species are more associated with serious diseases like dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika, while nighttime species are more likely to carry West Nile Virus and malaria.  Other mosquito-borne illnesses include encephalitis, Barmah Forest virus, Murray Valley encephalitis, and Ross River virus.  The risk of disease is why you want to take steps to avoid mosquito bites at all times of the day.

Preventing Mosquito Bites!

There are steps you can take to reduce your risk of mosquito bites.  Using a DEET-based mosquito repellant is also highly effective.  However, if you want to be able to enjoy your yard without taking those steps, a mosquito-control solution is a great idea.

Flick takes a comprehensive approach to mosquito control.  First, a technician inspects your outdoor areas to discover where mosquitoes may be breeding and suggest fixes for those areas.  Next, they assess the severity of your mosquito issues and suggest a pest-control approach that is tailored to your individual mosquito problem.  The goal is to get you enjoying your yard all summer-long and at any time of day without having to worry about mosquitoes. Call Flick today at 1300 270 019 to learn more!

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