So simple!

Proper handwashing has always been an affordable, easy-to-incorporate component of slowing or stopping the spread of disease. Ever since the Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis observed that doctors who washed their hands were less likely to have patients who died and advanced the idea of hand hygiene, the medical community has been promoting this simple hygiene method to help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Hygiene issue for all

While handwashing has been an important component of health for well over a century, an appalling number of adults do not wash their hands at critical times. By now, we all know that many adults do not routinely wash their hands after using the restroom. This failure to exercise basic washroom hygiene is not just bad for the health of the person who skips washing their hands; it compromises all of the high-touch surfaces that person may later touch. This means that sanitary washrooms and hand-washing stations not only have to take into account the hygiene habits of those using them but also of the people surrounding them who do not.

Setting a better standard

What you may not realise is that many people who are washing their hands are not doing it right. The quick five-second lather and rinse that many people use is better than not washing hands at all, but is really not effective in helping prevent the spread of germs. This is an especially important fact right now as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. Installing signs reminding people of proper hand hygiene can help people adopt the recommended hand washing methods. Wet hands thoroughly with running water. Apply soap. Scrub hands for at least 20 seconds. Then, rinse hands under clean running water. Avoid touching taps, light fixtures, doors, or other high-touch objects with hands after they have been washed. This may involve planning ahead by grabbing paper towels to grab handles or other objects.

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At Flick, we offer a range of washroom solutions designed to encourage people to wash their hands by making the process easy, sanitary, and touch-free if possible. We not only want to increase the likelihood of people who engage in hygiene, but also reduce the risks of cross-contamination in washrooms, kitchens, or change rooms as much as possible. We offer soaps and hand sanitising solutions that can be adapted to any environment as well as various hand-drying methods.

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