The first step is finding them!

Cockroaches can hide almost anywhere. With their small bodies, which they can flatten to fit into extremely narrow areas, they do a great job of hiding in places where most people assume they cannot fit. In addition, because they are nocturnal, they are rarely seen in well-lit conditions which can make it even harder to find them. However, knowing where cockroaches normally hide is the first step to determining whether you have a cockroach infestation.

Cockroaches can be anywhere!

Cockroaches, like most pests, prefer to live where they have access to water. While insects will travel for food, if given the option they live near a water source. Therefore, any place that is dark and moist can make a great cockroach hiding (and breeding) ground. Some of their favourite places include in cabinets, wall cracks, under refrigerators, under sinks, behind wallpaper, under stoves, and in floor drains. In addition, they often hide inside of the mechanical workings of major appliances, which are usually hidden from sight and can contain a source of moisture.

Look for signs and not for the pest

Knowing whether you have a cockroach problem is often a guessing game. You can have a relatively serious infestation without ever seeing a cockroach because of their nocturnal nature. In fact, seeing a cockroach, especially during the daytime, is a warning that there are probably more of them.

Instead of looking for the cockroaches themselves, you might find it easier to look for signs that there may be roaches present. If you have an infestation, one of the first things you may notice is cockroach droppings, which can vary in appearance from looking like black pepper or coffee grounds to actually resembling feces. In addition to feces, you might see cockroach egg cases as well. Many people associate a musty odour with cockroaches, though not all species emit the same smells. Of course, finding dead cockroaches is another sign you may have an infestation.

Flick has the right cockroach solution for you

Whether you have seen signs of a possible infestation or simply want an inspection to make sure cockroaches are not present, Flick has you covered. We can come out to inspect your premises for signs of cockroaches and other pests, as well as point out potential attractors so that you can prevent future infestations. If you have a cockroach problem, we can customise an extermination program targeted to the size and location of your pest problem.

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