When Professional Pest Control is necessary

When you first notice pests, your instinct is probably to take a DIY approach. While DIY may help you for a little while, the reality is that seeing pests in your home is an indication that your pest control prevention program is not working. That is when it is time to get professional help, not just to eradicate the pests you have, but also to prevent future pests.

Why is pest prevention so important?

Pests are not just annoying or gross, they can also be very dangerous. Some pests carry diseases that can seriously impact your health. Others pose a risk of property damage. Some may do both. Getting rid of pests protects your property, your pets, and your family or employees.

In fact, some of the most damaging pests are very good at hiding. Bugs like termites can stay hidden while doing a tremendous amount of damage. However, they are not the only destructive pest. Ants can eat wires for electricity and air conditioning units. Rats and mice can chew holes in your belongings. Moths and carpet beetles can destroy fabrics. Cockroaches can eat paper and books. These pests are virtually everywhere, causing billions of dollars in damage each year. Keeping them excluded is the best way to prevent damage to your home.

Even if pests do not destroy your property by eating it, they can destroy it in other ways. Waste from pests can ruin your furniture, cause damage to your home, and make your home dirty. One of the big problems is food contamination; pest contamination can quickly ruin hundreds of dollars in food in a home and thousands of dollars in inventory in a business.

Why use a professional over DIY pest control?

You may wonder why we say DIY is a temporary fix. Many people think DIY pesticides are the same as professional pesticides. However, the reality is that exterminators have access to better products than you can get over the counter. Not only are they more effective, but they are safer for your pets and family members. In addition, pest control professionals have skills that the average person does not have. We know how to find where pests are hiding, including the use of our SMART and SMART Mini systems, which provide 24/7 monitoring of pest locations. We can target those areas, helping eliminate pests where they lurk.

One of the biggest reasons to get professional pest control is that it is the economical solution. At Flick, we offer a range of affordable pest monitoring and pest control solutions. Instead of trying different DIY approaches, you get reliable, guaranteed pest control. While it may seem more expensive, you save money in the long run. Contact Flick today to get started.

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