The problem with commercial washroom hygiene has always been the risk of spreading germs by using products and appliances to clean your own hands. While these washrooms may offer better hygiene than those without hygiene supplies, they certainly reduce the effectiveness of routine handwashing.

Think about entering into a typical commercial washroom.

You use your hands to open the exterior and interior doors. You also use those same hands to get toilet paper, flush the toilet, open the door, turn on the water, touch the soap dispenser, turn off the water, get paper towels, and then open the exterior door once more. You may even have to turn the light on when you enter the washroom in some places. This means touching nine or ten potentially contaminated surfaces each time you use the restroom. It also means touching contaminated surfaces after washing and drying your hands.

Fortunately, Flick has a commercial washroom solution that will help improve hygiene and prevent the type of cross-contamination described above. Our premium washroom services will transform your washroom hygiene, providing a safe and comfortable space for employees, customers, and business visitors.

Our hand hygiene range consists of hand sanitiser sprays, premium hand towels, hand soap dispensers, toilet seat sprays, and sanitisers. These touch-free tools let access them without transferring germs. Couple them with easy commercial washroom modifications, such as touch-free faucets and foot-opened doors, and you can create a washroom that eliminates most of the risk of cross-contamination.

Why is reducing or eliminating the spread of germs important?

The current COVID-19 global pandemic has shown us just how easily infectious diseases can spread. While the world will hopefully turn a corner on COVID-19, there are plenty of other seasonal infectious diseases, and there is always the possibility of another virus that can be transmitted by touch. Improving washroom hygiene and reducing the likelihood of spread is one way to protect the health of people who use your business.

A final way to increase your washroom hygiene and take it to the next level is to incorporate our bacteria-killing services. We provide targeted cleaning services that focus on the mortar on bathroom floors and other areas that trap dirt, odours, and bacteria. We can even steam clean your washroom, which not only kills germs on the hard surfaces in your washroom but also dries instantly, leaving restrooms ready to use immediately after being cleaned.

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