You know that you need sanitary waste bins in your bathroom cubicles. They provide the most effective and hygienic way to dispose of nappies, sanitary products, and adult diapers. In addition, they decrease the likelihood that people will leave waste in the restroom. So, you know you need bins. However, which type of bin do you choose: automatic and manual. Both types of bins have their pros and cons. Read on to figure out which one is right for your business.

Manual waste bins have been the standard for years.

They are a safe, effective, and hygienic way to dispose of sanitary products. Because they are manual, they do not rely on power to open or close. This means that they are always accessible. However, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are trying to avoid high-touch areas, causing them not to use the manual bins provided.

Automatic waste bins have hands free technology.

This means that no one has to touch the bin in order to dispose of your waste items. Hands-free helps reduce the spread of disease. It also keeps people from having to touch items that they think of as “gross.” However, the problem with automatic bins is that they are dependent on power. Even with exemplary service, a bin could experience a motor failure or an unexpected depleted battery. In those cases, people may have problems accessing the bin.

What happens when people have problems accessing a bin?

In a perfect world, they would dispose of the waste in another waste container in the washroom. In this imperfect world, some people choose different solutions. They may leave products on the floor, which creates a mess for other users. Even worse, they may try to flush them down the toilet, which can cause overflowing toilets, a huge mess, and even an expensive plumbing problem.

At Flick, we offer a variety of automatic and manual disposal units. While both have their pros and cons, reliable service helps reduce the likelihood of problems with both types of bins. We offer in-cubicle service. We remove waste, clean your units, and dispose of the waste. It is a quick and discreet way to get your cubicles serviced. We also have a general disposal service, which replaces used units with pre-sanitised units.

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