With the holidays approaching, no one wants to be sick.  However, there are more hands-on-deck in the lead up to Christmas, which turns workplaces into potential dens of contagion.  While that is always the case, it seems incredibly daunting as we seem to be coming out of a worldwide pandemic.  No one wants to miss another holiday because of illness.

You can make sure that you are keeping everyone safe this holiday season.  Flick’s washroom solutions are perfect for your workplace hygiene needs.  One of the best things we offer is a no-touch spray hand sanitiser.  It is easy to install, easy to use, and effective.

Do Hand Sanitisers Work?

One of the biggest questions people have is whether hand sanitisers work to prevent the spread of disease.  While handwashing is the single best thing people can do to slow or stop the spread of disease, handwashing is not always an option. However, when you cannot get to a sink and soap, hand sanitisers can help keep you virus and bacteria-free.

Can Hand Sanitisers Replace Hand Washing?

No.  Hand sanitisers are a great substitute when handwashing is impossible.  However, sanitisers cannot remove dirt, grease, or chemicals from your hands.  These products can, in turn, make it more difficult for sanitisers to target any germs that are on your skin.  So, if your hands are visibly dirty, you want to do your best to clean off the dirt before using a hand sanitiser.

Do Hand Sanitisers Kill Covid-19?

One of the top questions people ask us is whether hand sanitisers are effective at killing Covid-19. The answer is yes.  As long as the sanitiser is the appropriate strength, it can effectively kill the Covid-19 virus.

Do Hand Sanitisers Create Superbugs?

Another concern we hear from people is that using hand sanitisers will create superbugs.  This idea is incredibly daunting when we think about diseases that frequently mutate, such as coronavirus or influenza.  However, superbugs refer to bacteria that have developed a resistance to antibiotics.  Hand sanitisers do not rely on antibiotics.  Instead, they use alcohol, which destroys cell walls to kill the targeted organisms.  That method does not lead to building up resistance over generations.

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