It’s a beautiful day…

You are sitting quietly when you hear a buzz or the ominous sounds of wings hitting your window. You look up and see a wasp. Though these insects are relatively small, their stings can pack one heck of a wallop, especially if you have any type of allergies or sensitivities. So, you want to know how to remove the wasp from your home without getting stung. Here are some helpful suggestions from the pest control experts at Flick.

Don’t Kill It

Sure, you think the easiest thing in the world would be to pick up a shoe or flyswatter and kill the wasp. The problem is that when you kill a wasp, it releases a chemical that attracts other wasps and puts them in a frenzy. One dead wasp can lead to dozens of wasps trying to get to you. This may not seem like a risk if you spotted the wasp inside, but unless you know how it got in the house it is possible that it is not alone. You also do not want angry wasps waiting near a door to get inside. So, you want to try to get it outside without killing it.

Stay Calm

You may be freaking out inside, but you need to keep it together on the outside. Wasps may be generally more aggressive than other stinging insects, but they are still unlikely to attack if you remain calm. Do not start waving your arms, moving erratically, or otherwise freaking out. Simply stay calm.

Keep Your Eyes on It

Wasps move fast, they are small, and it is easy to lose sight of one that has gotten into your home. Keep an eye on it to make sure it does not get too close to anyone in your house.

Get Your Pets Out of the Room

If your pets are anything like our pets, then they think of wasps as particularly spicy flying treats. However, wasp stings can actually be harmful and even life threatening to pets. If you have dogs or cats in the room, try to herd them out and shut them in another room so that you can take care of the wasp without worrying about the pets.

Blow It Away

Surprisingly, one of the easiest ways to get a wasp out of the house without getting stung is to blow it away. Wasps are not built to fly in high winds, so using a fan, blow dryer (on cool), or other source of fast-moving air and using it to push the wasp out of a door or window works really well. The bonus is that wasps do not register wind as a threat, so they are not going to release the chemical that calls for backup.

Kill It

We know we said don’t kill the wasp. However, sometimes killing a wasp is the only way to get rid of it. If you have to go with this option, you want to kill it quickly and on the first try. They are tougher than you think. Don’t try to swat it with a flimsy little rolled-up newspaper. Use something substantial and squash it. If you miss or do not manage to kill it on the first attempt, it will be angry and start trying to sting you.

What If You Suspect a Wasp Nest?

An isolated wasp inside the house is not a cause for alarm. Sometimes flying insects get inside. However, if you are noticing multiple wasps in your house or have spotted a nest inside or outside of your home, you have a potential problem on your hands. Flick can help you with nest removal, keeping your home safe.

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