Moving out of a rental property? Moving is always a stressful time. Making sure your rental property is in great condition makes it more stressful. However, in Australia, to get your bond back from your landlords, you have to do return the property to how it was when you rented it, and may mean organizing end of lease pest control.

A rental bond is an amount of money that you pay as security to the landlord to guarantee that you have complied with a residential tenancy agreement. While bonds are optional, most landlords require them. Your individual lease agreement dictates what you must do to get your bond returned. However, some things are considered pretty standard in bond agreements, such as having the carpets shampooed and getting a lawn service.

If you are a pet owner, getting a professional flea and tick spray treatment may be one of those end of lease requirements. As much as we love our pets, having pets dramatically increases the risk of an invasion by these biting, disease-carrying pests! That is why you must get a flea and tick treatment with a three-month warranty certificate in order to get your bond returned at the end of your lease.

It can be tempting to go with the cheapest pest control company out there. Several pest control companies advertise very low prices in order to get your business. However, cheaper is not always better. We have heard stories of unscrupulous providers just spraying water! Who is on the hook if that happens? You are.

At Flick, we have a great reputation for pest control. Landlords and real estate agents know that we provide high-quality pest control services. They trust our services and know that we will honor our warranties. Our reputation can help expedite the return of your bond.

Getting a flea and tick bond return treatment is easy, but it should be the last thing you do in your moving process. To perform the service, we need a freshly mowed lawn that has had all grass clippings and other debris removed from the property. We also need your home to be completely cleaned, free of furniture and other items, and with shampooed carpets.

The final thing to keep in mind is that you pay for flea and tick bond return treatment ahead of the service. Once we have completed the treatment, we issue a certificate and receipt for the service.

So, check another thing off your moving to-do list. Give us a call and schedule your end of lease pest control treatment flea and tick spray.

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