Wasps play a critical role in the environment as they feed on nectar and help in plant pollination. There are thousands of native species of wasps in Brisbane but unfortunately, we also have a couple of introduced species that are responsible for giving wasps a bad reputation.

Brisbane Airport wasps elimination

The keyhole wasps are not native to Australia but they have made the country their home and like to build their nests in tiny holes. Aircraft instruments like pitot probes can be one of their favorite places. Brisbane Airport faced difficulties a couple of years ago when they found wasps nests, constructed in an aircraft’s speedometer, forcing planes to abandon take-off or even turn back after departure.

Are wasps nests bad for your house?

Wasps are great pollinators but if they want to nest at your house it can cause important damage to the interior and exterior of your property. As with any type of pest animal, the first step is prevention. Keyhole wasps feed on a specific type of caterpillar. If you target the caterpillar, you can kill the wasps. Fortunately, there is an insecticide that is otherwise safe for the environment and harmless to people, which targets those caterpillars.

Of course, you may have multiple types of wasps in your yard. While they do not pose the same catastrophic consequences for an individual, they can still present a serious problem. After all, wasps can cause serious stings. If wasps are present, you may feel unable to enjoy your backyard. That only gets worse if you or someone in your family has an allergy. Wasp allergies can transform animals from a nuisance to a serious health hazard.

Flick can help. We come out and inspect your premises to inspect and assess your wasp problem. Then, we develop a program that is aimed at getting rid of wasps and other stinging insects. Through a combination of preventative measures and extermination, we can help get your yard wasp free. We can also help you come up with strategies to minimize wasps while still encouraging other pollinators, such as butterflies and even bees. Contact us today to find out more.

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