Mosquito season is nearly upon us. Soon millions and millions of the flying vampires will descend onto unsuspecting homes, backyards and BBQ’s to feed. Whilst they’re unlikely to suck all your blood (it would in fact take more than 1 million mosquito bites to drain all the blood of an Adult Human) Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading life threatening illnesses and to top it off, the itch their bites cause is enough to send the most sane person crazy. Here’s 5 tips to ward off those bites! 

  1. Avoid peak pest periods! The simplest way to avoid being bitten is to stay inside when mosquitoes are most active. Like true vampires they avoid the heat and light of the midday sun, and prefer dusk, dawn and night. Staying inside during this time means less exposure and less chance of being bitten! (assuming that none have followed you inside!) 
  2. Cover up! Fair call if you don’t want to avoid going outside. Australia has some of the best weather in the world, and unless you have a plague of mosquito’s, little would stop Aussies from the great outdoors. To protect yourself, wear long sleeved clothes to present as little bare skin as possible. This has the added bonus also of protecting against the sun! 
  3. Use a fan! Mosquitoes are weak flyers, and having a fan blowing across the space will work to defend your outdoor dining area from mini Draculas! (BONUS this also helps to push away other insects like Flies and wasps!) 
  4. Bug zappers. Nothing says relaxing like the sound of 10, 000 volts discharging through a mosquito. Bug zappers bring a swift end to mosquitos and other insects that wander into it’s light. Be sure to place the zapper away from where you intend to be, as the zapper attracts the insects before killing them. Too close, and the insects will find you before they find death. 
  5. Get a treatment done! Regular treatments by a professional pest controller ensure that mosquitos won’t infest your home!

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