There’s nothing more important than maintaining a clean and sanitised environment for your staff and customers. A good hygiene plan is a crucial first step to safeguarding them against any nasties.

With the current global concerns surrounding COVID-19 and the flu season just around the corner, it is especially important to give your staff and customers peace of mind when they visit your offices and workplace. The best way to ensure cleanliness is to have a regular cleaning service.

Traditional cleaning usually focuses on sanitisation, and while this is effective against preventing some germs and bacteria, Flick also offers a powerful high-grade disinfection service. Our service specifically targets the elimination of harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi. It also safely kills 99.9% germs on all surfaces and non-accessible areas, which is more effective than sanitising.

We use a non-toxic, non-corrosive, eco-friendly solution that can be used for across all business and specifically takeaways to ensure the premises are ready for ongoing operation. Our service provides minimal downtime and are designed to ensure you continue servicing your clients approximately one hour after treatment.

Our powerful high-grade disinfection service is currently being used across Australia as strategy to combat and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are currently the number 1 for disinfection services in other countries such as Italy, Singapore, Malaysia and Spain.

A disinfection service is not only important for the prevention and the spread of COVID-19, but to also include in your usual cleaning plan. This is an effective way to maintain the year-round health and satisfaction of staff and customers. Nightly cleaning of your office and workplace can prevent germs and bacteria from spreading, however a disinfection treatment ensures you are protected for a longer period and avoid viral illnesses from spreading throughout your company.

To keep your company free from viruses, bacteria and fungi call us today on + 1300 270 019 for your free quote and to book a Disinfection Service.

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