It is almost impossible to overstate how serious of a threat termites can be. By preventing termites from entering property during construction, you offer higher value for buyers. Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can use to help exclude termites pre-construction. Smart building practices can help you keep termites from entering your construction site.

Here are some rules you should follow to keep your construction site safe.

  • Try to keep wood from touching the ground. You can do that by using a concrete base on your construction.
  • Create a slope with the soil away from the foundation; proper drainage reduces termite infestations.
  • Make sure all crawl spaces have proper ventilation.
  • Use pressure-treated or termite-resistant wood, especially if the wood will touch soil.
  • Extend your foundation or crawlspace to reduce termite access to the building.

Work with Flick as your pest control company to work on termite barriers.

At Flick, we have a few different strategies that we can use pre-construction to help prevent termite access to your building. You can combine those with your own building strategies, as well as adding termite prevention as part of the construction process.

  • We can erect a barrier to help prevent termites from accessing the construction site.
  • We can use termite shields and mesh barriers to reduce access.
  • We can treat the soil layer under the construction to kill any existing termites and offer short-term prevention of new termite infestations.
  • We can use bait stations to monitor termite activity.

While you are building, you want to incorporate termite prevention into your project. Building codes and laws can dictate whether you need to include termite prevention in your construction project. Using chemical barriers can help protect the foundation from infestation, and systems that allow continuous pesticides can provide long-term protection.

What are the solutions for pre-construction termite protection?

Flick offers a variety of long-term termite solutions. Termguard provides for continual disbursement of termite treatment in foundations and around building perimeters. Flickguard is another system we can install during construction to provide a physical termite barrier that contains insecticides. The Kordon Termite Barrier also provides a combination physical and chemical barrier. We have a wide range of solutions. Contact Flick for your construction termite prevention needs.

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