Times are hard enough without the added pressures of an increase of scurrying germ-carriers running around your homes or places of business. However, the worldwide shutdown has forced rodents out of hiding in a desperate search for food that has since been taken away from them. Rodents usually rely on the rubbish and scraps from busy restaurants, cafes and streets litter. With most of these businesses closed due to Covid-19, the rats are in panic mode.

This, along with a combination of wetter and colder, means there are more rats than ever. Reported sightings and captures of over double the number of rats since February has been recorded and is expected to rise again during April. Normally nocturnal rodents, they are now coming out during daylight desperately looking for food in unattended premises and in residential home bins.

What you can do about it with SMART Pest Control

The first thing to do is to ensure your bins are properly sealed and not overflowing. It is also unwise to rely on over-the-counter poisons and traps, as these have been found to be less and less effective with rats even becoming immune.

Flick’s revolutionary SMART rodent catching system is entirely non-toxic, which means no toxic chemical usage in your home or workplace. The system uses mechanical methods to eliminate any rodent entering and is then humanely disposed of by social distance trained Flick technicians – meaning you don’t have to worry. The Multi-catch system is the next step up, storing up to 6 neutralised rodents.

The best advantage of the SMART pest control system is the way it prevents infestations before they happen. The Flick SMART line records and transmits data in real-time so that any detection of rodents is signalled as soon as they happen.

In these uncertain times, prevention is always better than the cure. Keep your home and business free from rodents. Call Flick on 1300 270 019 today or visit flick.com.au/smart for more information.

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