Suppose you run a hospitality venue, especially a hotel, vacation rental, or similar property. In that case, you know the real meaning of time is money. Every moment a room is unavailable, you miss out on potential rentals. However, you also know how important your reputation is. You do not want to get a reputation as a hospitality venue that sends guests home with any pests, especially bed bugs. So, when you need a bed bug treatment, you want a fast, effective, and discrete company. Flick has you covered.

At Flick, we follow a standardised protocol to eliminate bed bugs. We take a science-based approach that can help you reduce downtime while eliminating bed bugs in your establishment.

We start with a thorough inspection of your guest rooms. The goal is to identify areas where you may have bed bugs and which rooms are unaffected. That can help us outline a treatment plan for the hotel and determine whether or not you can keep some rooms available while we treat part of your hotel.

We can also work with your staff to ensure they know how to spot bed bugs. The early signs of bed bug infestation are minimal. So, it can be helpful for employees to know what to recognise. If they are trained to spot signs of infestation and report them at the earliest sign, you can minimise the spread of bed bugs and reduce the number of infested rooms. You can also help preserve your reputation.

We also focus on providing rapid services. In the past, bed bug treatment may have taken several days. However, we can often have bed bug-infested rooms treated and ready for guests in about 24 hours. That can minimise your downtime, limiting it to one or two days out of service. Suppose you are not entirely infested; it is not a busy time of year. In that case, you may not even miss out on any revenue from having infested rooms treated.

Next, we work on prevention and preservation services. You may believe you must throw out any furniture infested with bed bugs. Once upon a time, that advice may have been accurate. It meant that furniture replacement was one of the most significant bed bug treatment costs. However, we have much better bed bug extermination methods now. We can help you preserve infested furniture, mattresses, and box springs. We cannot promise you that every piece of furniture will be salvageable. However, we can promise to mitigate your losses as much as possible.

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